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Common Brass Fittings Used in Plumbing

Many professional plumbers use brass fittings because they offer them both versatility and durability in the projects that they are doing. In most cases, a brass nipple is used to lengthen a shorter piece of pipe, which can be helpful in a tight situation. Most plumbers prefer to use brass and copper piping for their jobs due to the low amount of maintenance and repairs that it requires. When working with copper or brass pipe, the plumber will need to be well versed in the types of fittings to use to get the job done the right way. Here are a few of the most common brass fittings used in plumbing.

An Elbow

Many people have the misconception that laying plumbing pipe is an easy job because it’s all in a straight line, which is far from the truth. There are many breaks and bends in a common plumbing job and in order to bend the pipe the way you need it you will need elbows. The elbow will allow you to change the direction and pitch of the pipe you are putting down. Be sure to assess how much of a bend you need in the pipe because elbows come is varying degrees of angles.

Brass Nipples

Another fitting that is commonly used in many plumbing jobs is a brass nipple, whether it be opened or closed. A Brass Nipple Product will allow you to lengthen a shorter pipe in order to avoid cutting another longer piece. This can save you time and a lot of money on materials, which can really come in handy for a plumber on a tight budget. A closed nipple can help you create a make shift shut off while running the pipe inline. This will allow for additional pipes to be run in the future, just in case the homeowner makes additions that require plumbing.

Brass Unions

A brass union is normally used on pipes that need to be routinely disconnected for repairs and maintenance. A union is the best way to not have to break a weld or soldering every time you have to unhook a pipe for repairs. A standard union is usually comprised of three parts; the female end, the nut and the male end. There are many different types and sizes of unions, which means you, will be able to find one for nearly any job you are working on.


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