Commercial vs. Domestic: Which Coffee Equipment is Best for Your Office?

One of the most important parts of any office is the coffee machine. It’s where employees congregate to get some liquid energy for the day. Some coffee machines come with a hefty price tag. You might look between commercial and domestic machines and think you can save some money with a domestic machine. However, you might sacrifice some qualities when choosing a domestic machine over commercial. So, which is better for your office?


Domestic coffee machines make you choose your features if you want to fit a reasonable budget. With most affordable domestic machines, you can have only two of the following in one machine: speed, simplicity, quality. If you want a fast cup of good coffee, it’s complicated to make. If you want a simple to brew, quality cup of coffee, it takes a while. The major benefit to these machines is that they’re typically more compact to fit in a home setting.


Commercial coffee equipment in Chicago or another city is intended to make good coffee at a good pace. These machines live in places such as coffee shops and offices, where there is a constant demand for coffee. That means that they are built to keep up with that demand. It also means that, especially in the case of machines intended for office use, they’re built with the idea in mind that not everyone knows how to use a complicated piece of equipment.

Which is Best for the Office?

In the majority of office settings, commercial coffee equipment is better. It’s made to handle a high volume of brewing without sacrificing too much quality. That means your employees don’t have to waste time waiting for their turn to get coffee.

Coffee equipment is an integral part of any office, but you don’t want to break bank to get it. You don’t have to sacrifice the quality of commercial equipment just because of your budget. With some research, you can find an affordable commercial coffee machine for your office.

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