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Some people suffer from a persistent problem in overcoming their difficulty parting with possessions. This behavior usually has little to do with the value of the items, except for the person hoarding them. Thank goodness a home decluttering service in Los Angeles devoted to helping people and their families facing a hoarding challenge is only a call away.

Levels of Hoarding

Hoarding is a compulsive need to keep things. Those things may be objects, animals, or even trash. Hoarding can drastically change a person’s physical and emotional health, depending on the severity of the disorder. There are five levels of hoarding, each of which exhibits manifestations that include:

  • Light clutter and no noticeable smells
  • Light clutter but with noticeable odors and waste
  • Visible clutter and the person shows poor hygiene
  • Noticeable mold and mildew
  • Extreme disorder exhibiting damage to the residence

Click on the link below to learn more about how you can help a loved one displaying hoarding symptoms.

Services Available

This home decluttering service in Los Angeles provides solutions for families and those legally responsible for someone suffering from hoarding disorder that includes:

  • Evictions
  • Decluttering before selling a hoarded property
  • Estate clutter cleaning
  • And much more

All situations are different. You can trust this home decluttering service to approach every problem you are facing with compassion and understanding.

Call Today

For more information about the valuable services provided by this home decluttering service in Los Angeles, visit Clutter & Hoarding Pros online or call (562) 972-3180.

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