Churn Out Batches of Non-Stick Baked Goods with Silicone Baking Mats

Silicone baking mats are the best thing for bakers since sugar, flour and eggs. They line your pans, conduct heat, prevent buckling and ensure that your batches never caramelize too quickly or stick to your valuable baking sheets. Here’s a basic rundown of the different silicone baking mats and related supplies NY Cake keeps in stock.

Professional-Grade Round Mats

Round silicone mats provide a clean barrier between batter, dough and your round baking pans when oversized cookies or tarts are on the menu. Parchment varieties come in handy when you’re lining cake pans or lining cake stands for mess-free icing applications. Sizes typically correspond to standard cake pan diameters, but you can easily snip larger parchment mats down to size as needed.

Combo parchment sets consisting of round and tube mats offer options for layered cakes and Bundt cakes.

Traditional Rectangular Silicone Mats

Rectangular silicone mats for baking are standard in professional and home kitchens. Our versions are a combination of food-safe silicone and fiberglass mesh. They are just as durable and heat resistant as well-known commercial brands without the associated price tag.

Stock up on half-sheets and full-sheets to meet daily kitchen needs. Keep enough on hand for active use and for newly baked items cooling in sheet pan racks during your peak prep, baking, decorating and packaging times.

We also feature toaster oven-sized silicone baking mats for small batches and home use. All mats boast peripherally marked measurements, fun colors and the NY Cake logo.

Specialty Mats and Parchment

Fondant mats are our very own creation, designed to maintain optimal temperature and protect your work space while you’re kneading and massaging fondant into fantastic shapes. Our professional fondant work mat is eco-friendly and food-safe, naturally. Nifty ruler guides help you stretch and cut fondant to precise shapes and measurements.

Don’t forget pastry cloth and heavy-weight rolling pin covers, which prevent the warping and structural degradation from ingress of flour, fat and moisture. Peruse these and countless other nifty baker’s supplies. Grab all the NY Cake baking needs you need today.

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