Choosing the Right Company for your Area Rug Cleaning in Cypress TX

Many people in Cypress TX love the look and feel of an area rug in their living rooms or bedrooms, and when it is cleaning time, you should consider finding a company to clean it properly. While it is important to keep it vacuumed and spot cleaned periodically, you should also have it professionally cleaned at least once a year. Many people choose to deep-clean their area rug when they do regular spring cleaning, which is the perfect time, as everything is being moved around and wiped down anyway.

Know Your Rug

Area rugs can be made with many different materials. Know whether your rug is handmade or made by machine and then whether the dyes are synthetic or natural. Weaving methods, design, knots and quality of the material will all matter to the type of cleaning required. While any rug cleaning company that is professional will be able to determine the proper method for cleaning, it should ultimately be up to you to provide the information to the company so there are no mistakes and your rug continues to look good in your Cypress TX home.

Go Green

There are studies proving that rugs and carpet should be deep-cleaned professionally at least once a year to remove pet dander, bacteria, pollen, dirt, dust and chemicals. Cleaning the rugs will allow for better air quality and can reduce problems associated with asthma or allergies. However, if the company you select uses harsh chemicals to clean the rug, there could still be allergic reactions in your family. Consider chemical-free methods and processes for your area rug.


Be specific about your company. A carpet cleaning company is not the same as a rug cleaning company. While carpet cleaners can clean your rug, they will likely not have the tools and knowledge required to do a proper job. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the rug cleaner you select will actually be the one cleaning your rugs.


Area rugs can become damaged quickly because of all the wear and tear on them. Children are constantly playing on them and so are your pets. In some cases, fringe or part of the weave can come loose, creating problems later on. If you select a rug cleaner that can also do repairs when required, you will always ensure your area rug looks its best.

Area rug cleaning in Cypress TX should be done once a year by a professional, such as The Great American Rug Cleaning Co.

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