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Choosing the Best Residential Construction Services

Whether building a new home from the ground up or adding to an existing structure, it is important to only work with the best residential Construction Services in Oshkosh WI. This means taking the time to make sure that any service chosen does possess specific characteristics. Here are a few things to consider carefully.

Licensing and Insurance

Before hiring any of the residential Construction Services around Oshkosh WI, take the time to see who has a current business license. Owners of reputable firms make sure that they have business licenses that are up to date. For the customer, that up to date license indicates that the firm meets the criteria set in terms of local building codes. That is important, since it helps to ensure the work will be done properly. Along with an active business license, it also helps to find out what type of insurance coverage the business maintains. Ask specifically about business liability coverage. This type of insurance will come in very handy if anyone is injured during the process of the construction.

Reputation in the Community

Firms that have been around for some time take great pride in building solid reputations in the local community. Take the time to find out what others think about each of the construction services in Oshkosh WI. Be aware of what seems to be recurring themes in the complaints about certain companies. This will make it easier to avoid hiring anyone who is not likely to provide satisfactory results.


While this may seem like an odd factor to consider, hiring a service that takes pride on helping clients come up with the right type of design for their home remodeling new construction is a definite plus. For example, a contractor with Steve Wirtz Builders Inc can easily make suggestions when the client is not sure exactly where to place windows or doors, or what materials to use for the walls.

Along with making suggestions, the contractor can also tell the client if a given idea is not in line with current building codes, something that will save a lot of time and trouble later. Keep in mind the right construction service will support the customer through the entire building process. When it is all said and done, the results will be sturdy, attractive, and ready for the homeowner to put to good use.

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