Booking Service Calls at Car Dealerships

One of the benefits of buying new vehicles is the comprehensive service package that is included with the purchase. Most vehicle manufacturers offer some limited or extended free service plan for a set number of miles or years of ownership of the vehicle.

Different manufacturers may also offer an extension to the maintenance plan for an additional period of time and at an additional cost. The vehicle owner in Philadelphia may choose to add this additional package or choose to pay for maintenance, service, and any necessary repairs on the vehicle.

Working with the Service Department

When buying a new, used, or certified pre-owned vehicle from car dealerships in the area, it makes sense to continue to work with the dealership for maintenance and repairs.

All of the major car dealerships Philadelphia and in surrounding areas have their own parts and service department. This ensures the mechanics are trained in working on your vehicle. They understand the best practices to maintain your vehicle for trouble-free driving.

Booking Online

In the area, car dealerships make it easy to schedule service or repair online. This allows you to choose the most convenient time and to avoid having to wait for extended periods of time for regular maintenance work or for a vehicle repair.

Working with the dealership also keeps all records of the work done on your vehicle on file, making it easy to access information and to keep track of service work.

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