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Benefits Of Dial Up Internet Service

Dial Up Internet Service is one of the oldest and most trusted ways to connect to the internet. All that is needed is a phone line and this can be used to connect to the server to provide internet access.

Low Cost

The dial up service is much cheaper than the other broadband services that are available. If you want to send just email messages, you can opt for this service as this cost much less than the DSL service. Most of the dial up connections do not come with contracts and this means no penalties for early cancellation.

Safe Connections

When you use a dial up connection, you get a new internet provider address each time a user accesses the service. Most of the broadband connections use the same IP address and this makes them susceptible to hacking. The dial up service is much safer as it cannot be easily intercepted by unauthorized users.

Portable Access

When you choose broadband internet service, you may find it difficult to use when you are away from home or office. The dial up service is easily accessible wherever there is a phone connection. All that you need to do is to dial the access number that is assigned to your region.

Availability is a big advantage when you use this connection. If the service provider is available at your location, you may be able to easily access the connection. This is really useful when you are on a vacation or when you are travelling.

Simple Set Up

Nearly all homes have a land line connection and this can be used to easily set up a dial up connection. All that you need is an access number and you may be able to start using the connection easily.

If you do not want a fast connection, you may opt for dial up service. Most people may want a faster connection, so that they are able to access the internet in real time. The dial up connection has its pros and cons and you need to understand them properly before you choose this internet plan.

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