Benefits of Crushed Glass Blasting Media

When it comes to sandblasting, there are several different grits from which you can choose. There is no single grit that is overall better than any other, but some grits are better than others depending on the job. Although, some grits do stand out, such as crushed glass blasting media.

The Origin of Crushed Glass Media

Glass bottles from food and beverages are constantly being thrown away. In order to lower the impact on landfills and save money, these glass bottles can be reused as crushed glass blasting media. The glass is broken down mechanically into pieces. Because these particles come from a wide variety of discarded sources, the cost for this type of media is typically much lower than others.

The Advantages of Crushed Glass Media

The most obvious benefit of crushed glass blasting media is that it is better for the environment and cost-effective because it is made from 100% recycled materials. The available grits range from extra fine to coarse, which means it can be used for medium to high etch.

Another major benefit is that it is completely non-toxic. Therefore, it can be used in areas that are environmentally sensitive. It can also be used near bodies of water. For this reason, it is a preferred blasting media for the United States Navy.

This media type leaves far less residue than others and contains no heavy metals. Thus, it can be used without any risk of contamination. Crushed glass blasting media is lighter than other types of media and is highly versatile.

Opti-Blast has a wide variety of blasting supplies and media available, including crushed glass blasting beads. For more information or to request a sample, give us a call at 903-589-0452. Visit today.

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