Basement Leaks And What To Do For Basement Waterproofing in Naperville, IL

Few things make a homeowner feel as helpless or overwhelmed as water filling the basement. These nightmare emergencies usually make homeowners wish they had spent more time investigating Basement Waterproofing Naperville, IL.

Water Is The Problem And The Cause

Basement leaks are usually a result of cracks that have been forming in a foundation slowly over time. After a heavy rain or melting, snow creates hydrostatic pressure against the foundation that can push water into a basement. Clogged gutters and downspouts can worsen the problem by not allowing water to drain properly away from home. This inundation of water will eventually mount enough pressure to create cracks.

Where Leaks Occur

Hydrostatic pressure forces water into a foundation, but also puts upward pressure on a basement floor and causes it to crack. When a contractor lays a foundation with a system of footings, there is typically a tiny gap where the wall meets footing called the cove joint. When hydrostatic pressure mounts, it even pushes water into the common nonstructural cracks in poured concrete walls that result from normal settling or into mortar joints of masonry walls whose cracks are normally innocuous. Of course, any concrete, if not mixed sufficiently, can be porous and allow seepage even without cracks.

Fix Leaks For Good

The number one line of defense against any leak is to reduce hydrostatic pressure is to direct water away from the home with proper drainage. Many times, a system of perforated pipes can be installed under the foundation to give water a place to go. Wall cracks can be remedied with injections of polyurethane that will fill cracks and allow expansion and contraction in extreme temperatures. Another way to be proactive against seepage from porous concrete or weakened masonry mortar is to use an exterior waterproofing membrane in conjunction with exterior drain tile to seal cracks and direct water away.It only takes one basement flooding nightmare for a homeowner to take seriously the services of professional Basement Waterproofing Naperville, IL.

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