Avoid Exposing the Home to the Elements With Superior Roof Repair South New Jersey

There are a variety of ways to create a roof, but the most common methods tend to use asphalt products. For example, many commercial buildings use a low sloped roof structure covered with the BUR (Built-Up Roofing) method while most residences use a pitched roof and asphalt shingles. Asphalt tends to provide an excellent coverage material provided the quality of the product is capable of the task. This is actually quite important because some roofers and most new home builders make use of budget shingles.

Low prices may seem like a great solution, but they can also result in additional expense when the materials fail and the building requires roof repair in South New Jersey. Plus, there will be even more expense when the roof reaches the end of its service life. The typical, budget asphalt shingle has an average service life of about ten to fifteen years.

If the property owner’s preference is asphalt, there are alternatives such as laminated shingles or composite shingles. Laminated shingles use an extra layer of material on the back surface of the product. This provides a uniform thickness that adds strength to each sheet. Laminated shingles come with a unique pattern on the top so that every installation is a little different.

Composite shingles use a different method. That is, the shingle has extra material over the top. This provides additional strength, but there is more to the composite shingle than this. For example, this asphalt product was designed to simulate the appearance of slate. This is accomplished with the thick tabs on the shingles and a unique set of angles on their edges. The unusual angles give the roof a visual depth that is difficult to get unless real slate is used.

Another material that provides excellent Roof Repair in South New Jersey is galvanized steel. Zinc galvanized, stamped steel comes in a variety of styles. In fact, steel roofing is capable of simulating many roofing options including wood shake, clay tile, and the typical asphalt roof. The main benefit of steel is its durability. The zinc coating reduces the chance of the core metal rusting away. Most manufacturers warrant a steel roof for at least fifty years, but many of these installations last much longer.

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