Area Rug Cleaning Tips

When it comes to area rugs, it’s important to make sure they receive the appropriate type of cleaning. Deep cleaning of area rugs in Cypress TX, and elsewhere in the United States, is usually best left to rug cleaning experts because heavy soiling and other issues may require specific skills to remove. However, regular maintenance will keep major issues at bay and save you a lot of money in the long run.


One of the most common ways to clean area rugs is by vacuuming them. This process removes dirt and debris, however, it is not always the best method to use with certain area rugs. Some Persian or Oriental rugs may suffer damage if the vacuum has a beater bar or power brush.

Area Rug Cleaning Products

It’s important to know what your area rug is composed of. The products that are beneficial for cleaning a synthetic rug may harm a rug comprised of natural fibers. Know your rug’s composition and make sure the cleaning products you use are compatible with your rug.

Read the labels of any commercially produced product before you purchase it. Talk to the retailer and ask questions about the product and its application. Talk to an area rug cleaning specialist if possible. The internet is also a great source of information. Go online and read reviews on the product. If you have any doubt you can try the product on a small corner of the rug to see if it has any adverse affects.

Stain Removal

The number one rule regarding stains is simple. Clean up the spill as quickly as possible before it sets in. It helps to make sure you have a good cleaning product on hand that is capable of handling stain removal that you’ve checked beforehand to make sure it’s safe for use on your rug. You can find several books providing information. You can also go online and sort through the vast amount of information available. In both cases, opt for those who know your rug type.

If you fail to get the stain immediately for some reason or another, you can still attempt to remove it. If, however, you feel you do not have the skill or expertise, arrange for a visit from an area rug cleaning company. There are several in Cypress TX.

If you want to maintain your area rugs in pristine condition, you need to take care of them with regular cleanings. This will require some work on your own part, or you can turn to a professional area rug cleaning company. In Cypress TX, such an action is not only doable but will ensure the procedure is done just right.

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