Area Rug Cleaning in Manhattan: Tips and Tricks for Success

There is no question that an area rug can be a stylish and popular accessory for homes. It helps to beautify the space and make the home feel inviting and cozy. However, area rugs are also exposed to quite a bit of wear and tear each day. They easily trap oils, odors, mud, dirt, and dust due to heavy traffic, spills, smoking and even pet accidents. Investing in Area Rug Cleaning in Manhattan, whether it is done by the homeowner or a professional, is extremely smart and will help prevent the rug from wearing out prematurely.

Avoid Using Over-the-Counter Products

There are a number of homeowners who prefer to clean their area rug themselves. While spot cleaning can be beneficial, it can also be damaging to the rug if the wrong products are used. Store-bought detergents and shampoos are specifically designed for synthetic fiber carpet, not natural fiber rugs. If the rug being cleaned has rich dyes, these products may cause the colours to bleed and discolour the rug as well as the floor beneath it. In some cases, this damage will be irreversible.

Why is Cleaning Area Rugs Different than Cleaning Traditional Carpets?

When it is time to invest in Area Rug Cleaning in Manhattan, it is important to note that cleaning these rugs is completely different than cleaning any & nbsp; wall-to-wall carpet. If the same process is used, the area rug may be damaged resulting in it not being able to be used any longer. In most cases, a professional carpet cleaning service will know what to do but, more importantly, what not to do when it comes to cleaning an area rug.

Understanding that there is a difference in the way area rugs and traditional carpet are cleaned can help ensure the rug remains in good, usable condition. While homeowners have the ability to clean the rugs on their own, it is important that the right method is used. If they are unsure of what to do, or how to do it, hiring a professional will be the best course of action. More information about cleaning and maintaining area rugs can be found by contacting the professionals at Business Name.

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