Aluminum Round Bar – Characteristics and Industry Uses

If you operate a manufacturing plant or another type of industrial facility operation that produces components or products, the equipment you use to manufacture those items must be durable enough to get the job done properly and efficiently. This means having your equipment and machine parts made from high quality and durable materials. Aluminum round bar is one of those materials that has excellent characteristics in a wide range of industry uses.

Features of Aluminum Round Bar
Aluminum round bar, otherwise known as aluminum round rod has characteristics include formability, weldability, corrosion resistance, and machinability. These bars are in high demand due to their excellent tensile and sheer strength, fatigue resistance, rigidity, and excellent strength to weight ratio. In particular, there machinability make them quite useful for the manufacturing of custom parts that require enhanced strength. The best bars in the industry resist stress cracks easily, are not magnetic, and are easy to cut. A high-quality aluminum supplier will stock types of extruded aluminum round bars

Industries That Benefit
A high-strength aluminum round bar can be quite useful and aerospace applications. Bars used in marine applications are often highly corrosion resistant. Fabrication projects benefit from the use of these aluminum round rods or bars. Additional industries that benefit include computer and transportation. They are useful in any industry where corrosion resistant and lightweight precision parts are needed. Some of the most common applications for aluminum round bar include hydraulic body parts, pins, ornamental products, gears, shifts, nuts, bolts, trim, pistons, hardware and braces, supports, and other structural components.

Aluminum Supplier Services
Aluminum round bar comes in a variety of lengths and sizes to meet particular project requirements. Experienced aluminum supply companies are able to cut your bar to specified length in addition to forming, bending, and punching and extrusion to match custom product specifications. You may also desire to have your aluminum round rod powder coated and anodized with finishing color options. Experienced and high quality aluminum supply companies will cater to your needs and help you obtain the product you need for your specific applications. This type of service on your behalf can help you stay competitive in the near and long-term.

To take advantage of what aluminum round bar offers, contact an experienced aluminum supply and extrusion company today.

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