Affordable Custom Deck Building in Fairfax, VA

Custom Deck Building in Fairfax VA, is more affordable than one might think. Decks can be custom designed and built in even small spaces. A designer can help the family select the type of wood they want to use and the color of the stain. There are many factors that affect cost, so a deck can be built to fit almost any budget. Adding to an existing deck can also help expand the space without costing a small fortune. Deck repair can turn that unsafe space back into a place to barbecue, relax, or entertain. Decks can be designed to match the style of the house or stand out to create a unique looking area in the back yard.

Decks can be simple or as elaborate as the family wants. Seating can be built in, planters can be designed in the corners, and hammock stands can be bolted into the floor of the deck. The deck can extend off the back door or have a set of steps for entry from the yard. A company with decades of experience, like ABC Design & Build, for example, can create one-of-kind masterpieces in the back yard. Deck services include deck design, deck building, deck installation, repairs, staining, and power washing. In addition to Custom Deck Building in Fairfax VA, water features such as koi ponds, waterfalls, and fountains can be installed. Fire pits and fireplaces can also be designed and built in the yard.

If a deck does not suit the family needs, perhaps a sunroom will. A sunroom can be custom designed and installed, or a pre-fabricated sunroom can be added to any place in the yard. Costs vary depending on size and purpose. If the room will be used all year, it will cost a bit more because it would need heating and cooling systems. A pre-fabricated room does not always mean less cost is involved, so get estimates for both options. A pre-fab sunroom has to be shipped, a foundation has to be poured, it has to be lifted and then set in place. Those costs can add up quickly. It may be more cost effective to build a small sunroom from scratch.

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