Advantages Offered by Solar Installation in Bloomington

There is no question utility costs are going up. As a result, many homeowners are searching for effective ways to reduce their monthly bills. A great way to do this is by investing in Solar Installation in Bloomington. Some of the specific benefits offered by this are highlighted here.

Save Money

While the amount that can be saved depends on the solar system installed, the average savings are about 50 percent of the homeowner’s electric costs. In some situations, the right solar system can eliminate utility costs altogether. Consider the following. The average home in America consumes 920kWh each month. Quality Solar Installation in Bloomington can account for up to 840kWh.

Increase Home’s Value

According to recent studies, when a solar system is installed, it can increase a home’s resale value by, on average, $5.50 per watt. Also, based on the location of the system and the home, it may reach a savings of up to $6.40 per watt. A solar system that is 3.1 kW can add up to $17,000 to the home’s value. Some studies have even revealed homes with solar systems installed sell up to 15 percent faster compared to homes that don’t have these systems.

Lock-in the Home’s Energy Costs

There are some solar systems that can last for more than three decades, while others may last for more than four decades. Most solar systems also come with a performance warranty, which means homeowners can have confidence that, once it is installed, it will continue generating electricity for several years to come.

Reduce the Home’s Carbon Footprint

Solar systems produce clean and cost-efficient energy fueled by the sun. This reduces a home’s carbon footprint, which is a great option for the environment.

Don’t underestimate the many benefits offered by installing a solar system. Doing so can help provide all the benefits highlighted here. More information about solar systems is available by contacting the staff at Morton Solar, LLC. Those who are interested can also take the opportunity to browse the available systems. This will ensure a homeowner can make an informed decision and get the best solutions for their needs.

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