Advantages of Pole Buildings in Spokane WA to Be Built for Residential Use

Much to the surprise of many people looking to have a new house constructed, Pole Buildings in Spokane WA make lovely residential structures and have several advantages over wood frame-built homes, often called stick-built. Also known as post-frame construction, this method of building is especially common for barns and commercial structures, which makes people wary of how the design would look for a house.

Lower Cost and Faster Speed of Construction

Because this is one of the least expensive methods of construction, many people are able to have their brand new dream home that they could never have afforded otherwise. In addition, the building can be completed more quickly than a frame-built house can. When people hear about groups of friends and relatives gathering to do a barn raising and getting it done in a day, the pole building design is why this works. About the only way, someone could get a full house faster is to order a non-customized modular or manufactured home and have it delivered.

Structural Strength and Energy Efficiency

In addition, these buildings tend to be stronger than stick-built models. They are secured by poles buried in the ground up to 6 ft. deep instead of essentially consisting of a wood frame on a concrete foundation. This means Pole Buildings in Spokane WA can withstand higher wind speeds than frame-built houses do.

Another significant advantage is the energy efficiency that can be achieved with this design because better insulation is possible. The poles support the structure’s weight instead of the interior walls doing so, and fewer building materials are needed to accomplish this. The structure is thus better equipped to manage heavy, wet snowfall that sometimes affects the Spokane area.

Adaptable Interior Appearance

But what about the interior appearance of a post-frame home constructed by a contractor such as Town & Country Builders Inc? The beauty of the post-frame building is that it can be designed to look just like a frame-built house inside, or it can leave some posts visible to convey a rustic effect. Interior walls can be finished with drywall just as frame-built houses are.

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