Advantages of Mobile Cardiac PET Imaging for Patients and Their Doctors

Armed with a fleet of cutting-edge mobile scanners, we facilitate cardiac PET imaging in California, partnering with physicians to offer patients one of the best diagnostic tools available. Using Rubidium-82 PET MPI, physicians can offer cardiac patients comprehensive treatment plans because they will be equipped with an accurate diagnosis. Here are some other advantages of using mobile PET scanners.

Lower Overhead Costs for Your Practice

By using a mobile cardiac PET service, you can save money by lowering the overhead costs for your practice. We remove the burdens of hiring, training, staffing, care of the specialized equipment, and maintaining the required stock. By partnering with us, you can ensure you have on-site accessibility to one of the most advanced nuclear cardiology tools available, without having to worry about the day-to-day operations of a fixed site.

Benefits of a PET Scan for Patients

Due to its ability to calculate blood flow and flow level, a mobile PET scan is instrumental for patients who may require immediate intervention as well as those who need to gauge the success of a procedure such as angioplasty.

Typically, the keV level and high-count images from the PET cameras offer clarity and resolution for more reliable interpretation of results. The Attenuation Correction (CT based or source-based) increases patients’ confidence when you speak with them regarding their diagnosis.

The Bottom Line

There are over 100 PET imaging facilities in California, but they are not evenly distributed through the state. For some patients, visiting one could mean traveling four hours or more to reach a facility. With their medical conditions, such an undertaking could be beyond their ability. Cardiac PET imaging in California is necessary, but it need not be inconvenient.

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