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Why Documenting An Accident Scene With Photos Or Video Can Help Your Case

Although video depositions have long been used in testimonies when it comes to depositions that include the viewing and marking of exhibits, this form of video may not be ideal. However, adding a picture in picture service can make a huge difference in how the discovery is viewed. Accident scene site inspection/video or photography in Lakewood, CO, can provide multimedia services that can assist with the presentation of facts in a number of ways:

  1. This cutting edge service allows for the witness to be shown on the screen along with the document that is being presented. Having this technology available means that the jury is able to see the document as the witness is viewing it and being questioned about it. The videographer can toggle between a witness only view or a shared screen whenever new documents are introduced. Since the deposition can only take place once, it is important that this opportunity is maximized to the fullest by offering as much evidentiary support for your claim as you can.
  1. Accident scene site inspection/video or photography in Lakewood, CO, can help with the visual deliverance of a deposition, as well as with the synchronizing of transcripts. With the aid of accident inspection photos and video, recreated crime scenes via animation or graphics, and more, you are able to paint a total picture during your courtroom presentation.

Not only is the documenting of an accident sometimes necessary in a legal matter, but it can also be a huge deciding factor in an insurance claim. You want to choose a photography and video company that uses high-quality equipment, cutting edge multimedia services, as well as a highly experienced staff so that your presentation may come across as not only professional but also factual.

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