A Single Postal Solution For Your Business

Companies in this day and age use email more and more, but they still utilize the good old United States Postal Services as well. They might have packages that need to be delivered or letters that they want to pass on to their customer base. Whatever the case may be the majority of businesses use the mail and having USPS mail software can assist in streamlining their needs. If you have a company that uses the post frequently, you may benefit a great deal from the use of these types of programs. So let’s consider some of the upsides you can get from using them and how they can aid in the productivity and efficiency of your mail department.

Printing Labels And Barcodes

Printing out your own shipping labels is a cost effective way of preparing your packages for delivery. The costs are typically a lot lower than if you have the post office deal with it directly and not only that but by presorting your own mailers you can get rebates. These programs are available at relatively low costs. They are usually self-contained and do not require a lot of knowledge to use effectively. If you have the address information that you need, it is usually as simple as weighing the item once it is packed and then inputting the appropriate info. Once the label is printed, you just put it on the item to be mailed and hand it off to the postal worker when he or she comes for pick up.

Address Validation And Tracking Shipments

A lot of this type of software offers connection to the national address file. This means that your database of customers addresses is maintained almost automatically by the program’s interaction with this online file. If one of your customers happens to make a move and does not inform you then it is very possible that the USPS will have the change on file and by being connected with them it will update this info for you. It can also keep your ZIP code information up to date as well. In addition to that entire suite of utilities if you have Delivery Validation software, it can track your packages and make sure that they reach their intended and final destination.

These programs and many others like them can truly help in keeping your business running efficiently and effectively. It will make sure that all of your ducks are lined up in a row and if nothing else it will save you money on any of your shipping costs.

Anchor Computer Software offers the best postal processing solutions that help mailers to improve data quality, increase deliverability and achieve the lowest possible postage rates.

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