A Quick Guide to Auto Transmission Repair in Omaha NE

Transmission problems are frustrating for any vehicle owner. That is because the cost to repair or replace a transmission can often be a significant portion of the car’s overall value. For some older cars, repair expenses can even exceed the resale value of the car. This means that anyone with transmission problems has to decide whether to choose to scrap the car, replace the transmission, or find Auto Transmission Repair in Omaha NE.

Signs of Auto Transmission Failure

As with any car problem, the earlier transmission problems are diagnosed and treated the less likely they are to be catastrophic and expensive. A vehicle that is making strange noises, having problems changing gears, or slipping out of gear may be experiencing transmission problems that need to be corrected quickly. It may be tempting to ignore the problems, but the risk is that the car will not be able to shift into or out of gear while it is being operated, leading to an inconvenient and potentially dangerous scenario.

Repair or Replace

If transmission problems are caught early, the repairs may actually be relatively inexpensive. Getting an accurate estimate for the cost of the Auto Transmission Repair in Omaha NE is a necessary first step in deciding whether to repair or replace. In addition to getting a repair estimate, it is important to have a discussion with the mechanic about the likelihood of failure of the repair or additional problems with the transmission. Armed with that knowledge, it is possible to compare the immediate costs and projected long-term costs of both repair and replacement.

Factors that should be considered when deciding whether to repair or replace include the:

  • Cost of the Repair
  • Cost of the Replacement
  • Labor Costs
  • Overall Condition of the Car
  • Resale Value of the Car
  • Potential Mechanical Issues Related to the Transmission

Replacement Is More Affordable Than People Realize

Many people assume that replacing a transmission will be prohibitively expensive. While it can be, purchasing a remanufactured transmission from a supplier specializing in OEM parts sourced from AER Manufacturing, like Kosiski Auto Parts, can provide an affordable and reliable alternative to buying a new transmission.

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