A Jacksonville, FL Plantar Fasciitis Doctor Offers Strategies for Healing

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Podiatry

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Activities that involve a great deal of standing, walking or running can cause overuse injuries in the legs, ankles and feet. Plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the foot arch tissue, has heel pain as the main symptom. Individuals with severe or stubborn cases of this condition benefit from seeing a plantar fasciitis doctor in Jacksonville, FL.

Activities to Avoid

This disorder can take a long time to heal unless the patient avoids high-impact activities involving the feet. Although being less active may be aggravating for many individuals, it’s important to stop running and jumping until the foot heals. A plantar fasciitis doctor in Jacksonville, FL can explain how much standing and walking is advisable. Several treatments help speed healing.

Conservative Treatments

People who must stand and walk for several hours a day because of work may benefit from wearing a brace or splint. This keeps the foot in one position. Wearing the right shoes with sufficient support is essential. Patients should continue with this habit after the condition clears up or it could return.

Those who can take a break from extensive activity on their feet give the connective tissue a chance to heal faster. The doctor may prescribe specific leg-strengthening and foot massage exercises that are useful as well.


To continue being active until the condition resolves, patients can look to other forms of exercise. Swimming is ideal, and gym members can continue using resistance equipment and elliptical machines.

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