A Dermatologist in Fairfax County VA Can Help You Look Your Best

We all deserve to have beautiful, healthy-looking skin, but very often there are factors that prevent that from being the case. Sometimes it’s genetic, like being susceptible to various skin conditions or having birth marks. Sometimes it’s the result of accidents, such as serious burns. On occasion it’s the result of questionable decisions we make, like tattoos we later regret. We’re very fortunate that we live in a time when dermatology is making such great strides and has so much technology that it can take advantage of. Dermatologist in Fairfax County VA can use lasers and various other pieces of equipment to treat skin discolorations, cancers, and more on an out-patient basis.

In a culture as age-conscious as ours, it’s nice to have the option of updating our appearance with just a little help from a Dermatologist in Fairfax County VA. Facial rejuvenation along with eye treatments and hair removal can give all of us a new look, and it doesn’t require painful surgery and long recuperative periods. This sort of capability used to be the sole property of the very wealthy, but with the tools, techniques, and treatments available to dermatologists today, it is much more widely available. The same can be said for the removal of varicose veins and spider veins. These are treatable in the doctor’s office with no healing time.

In the realm of reshaping your body, even liposuction treatments have been updated and made less invasive. With new equipment and updated procedures you can have a treatment, take a couple of days off, then return to your normal life and enjoy the new you that you will see start to emerge. A Dermatologist in Fairfax County VA will use all of his resources and experience to help you rediscover the real you and increase your confidence and vitality.

At the Tamjidi Skin Institute our dermatologists take a team approach to the treatment of our patients. This gives our clients the expertise and experience of all our medical professionals and healthcare staff, resulting in the best possible outcomes for the many services and procedures in which we specialize.

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