A Car Accident Attorney in Barboursville, WV Explains What to Do Following an Accident

A person often doesn’t think immediately after a car accident. They are worried about themselves, any loved ones in the car with them, and the others involved in the accident. The shock is enough to have them saying and doing things they normally wouldn’t.

Many things are happening simultaneously, and that doesn’t even take into account any injuries those involved may have sustained. However, certain things need to be done as soon as possible after the accident. Stapleton Law Offices recommends the following things occur right away, and don’t hesitate to contact the Car Accident Attorney in Barboursville, WV, if you feel more help is needed.

Find a Safe Location

When the accident is minor, try to move the vehicles involved in a safe location and use the vehicle’s hazard flashers. If possible, however, take photos of the vehicles before doing so. They may be of help in proving fault as the process moves forward.

Call for Assistance

Contact law enforcement and request an ambulance if anyone has been injured. If anyone complains of pain, this suggests they need medical care even if they feel they do not. Call an ambulance in this situation also. Medics can check those involved and the police will file a report that will also be of help in the coming days and possibly months or years.

Collect Information

If photos have not been taken at this point, do so now. Be sure to gather information from all parties involved, including the other driver and any witnesses to the accident. When speaking to the other driver, be sure to get their insurance information so a claim may be filed.

Never Admit Fault

People may admit fault in confusion following an accident, and this should never be done. Leave the determination as to who was responsible for the accident to law enforcement. Try to be courteous to everyone at the accident scene and don’t panic. The crash may have been a result of a defect in the vehicle, a road sign that was missing, or countless other things. Wait until all of the facts have been gathered before accepting any blame.

Contact Stapleton Law Offices, if you have been injured in an accident. The lawyer will be of great assistance at every step of the process. You don’t have to deal with the aftermath alone, and you shouldn’t when the attorney can help.

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