A Brief Guide to Buying Outdoor Deep Seat Cushions

Decorating your backyard or the patio can be a fun side project if you know what you want. Outdoor furniture is quite different from other furniture, since it’s designed to be more durable and long-lasting. In most cases, your furniture will be placed right under the open sky. Buying outdoor deep seat cushions is a great idea for people who just want to create a small place to relax outside. You can easily place them in the garden or your patio. A deep seat cushion often includes a pillow to offer back support, and is designed to be much softer than ordinary cushions. It can add a colorful touch to your patio or backyard.

Where to Buy?

There are many furniture stores that sell outdoor deep seat cushions. If you don’t know of any furniture store located near your residence, you can also place an order online. Since online shopping is now so popular, there are plenty of places that sell deep seat cushions. The prices vary between $30 and $100, primarily depending upon the quality of the cushion and the covering. If you were to buy a cushion with a leather cover, it would obviously cost more. Before you make a purchase, it’s important for you to check a few essential things. For instance, does the cushion come with an extra pillow? You can also buy deep seated floor cushions if you want. Make sure you buy colors that match the other patio furniture!


Outdoor deep seat cushions are available in four different kinds of fabric: cotton canvas, acrylic linen, PET/Dacron, and PVC. Apart from cotton canvas, all other kinds offer water resistance as well as UV resistance, making them an excellent choice for use in an outdoor environment.

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