4 Ways Your Car is Telling You That It’s Time for Repairs

With all their sensors and computers, today’s cars are quite smart. While their dashboard lights typically tell you when there’s a problem, it’s your responsibility to look for signs of trouble. If you encounter any of these issues, it may be time for auto repair near Midway.

Leaking Fluid

A fluid leak is never a good thing, and if you find a puddle under your vehicle, there’s a problem. Transmission fluid, oil, and engine coolant are the most common fluid leaks, but there may also be problems in the differential, power steering box, or brakes. No matter where the fluid is coming from, a leak is a sure sign of the need for repairs.

Odd Smells

While some odors aren’t troublesome, others point to serious issues. For example, a sweet, syrupy smell may indicate a problem with the cooling system, while a musty odor might be due to mold growth within the HVAC system. If there’s an odd smell in your car, bring it in for service.


If your car shakes while you’re driving, it likely needs service. A shaky brake pedal may be because of warped rotors, while a shaking gas pedal may be a sign of an exhaust leak. When the steering wheel shakes, it’s usually because of a power steering or alignment issue.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Of course, if a dashboard indicator light like the ABS, battery, or check engine light comes on, it’s crucial to visit us for auto repair near Midway.

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