4 Cost-Saving Options With Used Chemistry Equipment

When choosing used or refurbished lab and chemistry equipment over new models, the obvious cost saving is in the purchase price. Top used chemistry equipment dealers may offer prices of fifty to seventy percent off the cost of new equipment, which can be a substantial saving on the larger systems.

At the same time, there are other ways that used chemistry equipment can help to save the lab money. Understanding the advantages of adding more equipment and expanding testing is something to consider as both a short and long-term business plan.

Refurbished with Warranty or Used

Refurbished chemistry equipment with a warranty is typically slightly more costly than buying used. In working with a reputable used equipment dealer, buyers can trust the equipment has been fully tested and is in full working condition, even when sold as used.

This cost saving may be important to a lab on a tight budget. Talking to the sales representative will help in making the choice between used and refurbished.

Additional Features

It is not uncommon with used chemistry equipment to find models with full upgrades and additional features purchased by the original buyer. This can allow the buyer of the used equipment to get a more advanced model or an option to provide more testing options than a basic system while still saving money.

Upgrade to Higher Throughput Models

Better performance and higher throughput can be an advantage to a lab, allowing for greater sample testing and increased income. While this does not lower the cost of the equipment, it allows the equipment to pay for itself faster, generating a higher profit for the lab over its life cycle.

Increase Automation to Increase Accuracy

By upgrading to used or refurbished chemistry equipment in a lab, it is cost-effective to choose fully automated models. Automation means greater accuracy and reliability with each test as well as between tests.

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