3 Services an Endodontist Provides

Within the dental field, there are specialties. If you never needed braces or dental surgery, you may not be aware of the other type of dental professionals. An Endodontist Chicago, for example, focuses on saving teeth. Some of their procedures can be performed by your regular dentist, but when the tooth or the tooth’s pulp is too far gone, it is best to visit this specialist.

Here are three services an endodontist performs.

Root Canal

The most common service an endodontist performs is the root canal. When a tooth’s pulp has become infected, in order to save the tooth, it must be extracted. If an infection spreads, the tooth will require removal instead. Dental implants, then, are the only solution left so that the chewing surface remains even. A root canal topped with a crown is a more efficient and less expensive procedure.


An apicoectomy endodontic microsurgery is a procedure that aims to save an infected tooth by removing gum tissue that is deemed to be damaged or inflamed. Patients, sometimes, visit their dentist because they are feeling discomfort but the x-rays do not show any issues. If there is a buildup of calcification, a microsurgery will often be the best solution.

Traumatic Teeth Injuries

Some things cannot be prevented, and accidents happen. If you were involved in an accident that severely affected your teeth, you may be advised to visit an endodontist who will attempt to save them. Athletes who play contact sports are prone to teeth injuries. If their mouth is ever hit with a ball, bat or other object, they will be referred to an endodontist.

When you are in need of a root canal, microsurgery or have suffered a severe tooth injury, an Endodontist Chicago from Dental Specialists of North Shore is trained to help.

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