3 Reasons You Should Consult a Lawyer Before Your Child Support Hearing

When you’re going to court to settle a child support matter, you’ll be entering into an adversarial situation with your spouse. Even though your divorce may already be settled, this situation can still bring up a great deal of bitterness or resentful feelings. That’s just one reason it’s helpful to hire a DuPage County child support lawyer. Here are a few more reasons.

Get on Equal Footing
When your hearing starts, you’ll likely find that your ex-spouse has already hired a lawyer for themselves. If you don’t also have an attorney of your own, you’ll find yourself starting the hearing at a disadvantage. Without proper representation, you’ll find it more challenging to get a favorable outcome.

Obtain a Fair Support Agreement
Ultimately, it will be up to the judge to determine how much support is to be paid, but he will base his decision on the testimony and evidence presented throughout the hearing. If you haven’t hired an attorney, you may not know what evidence and testimony will be relevant and impactful. Your lawyer can help you get the support terms that are fair to you through the presentation of relevant evidence.

Maintain Your Parental Rights
It’s common for child custody to be determined alongside the determination for support payments. An experienced DuPage County child support lawyer can help ensure you’ll maintain your child custody rights as a condition of paying support. This can work in your favor, while also addressing the best interests of your child.

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