3 Reasons the Mercedes GLA 200 is the Benz to Beat This Year

More and more people are going for a hatchback these days. They’re easy to park and have more room in the passenger cabin. If you’re looking for grade-A hatchback, the Mercedes GLA 200 more than hits the mark on every level.


Expect a beautifully turned-out dashboard that’s loaded up menus. Explore the sub-menus as well as shortcut buttons so you know your way around your ride. Design is solid and gives the space an luxurious, upmarket feel that’s right at home with the German automaker’s reputation.

Driving ease

It’s easy to drive this number and the bonnets on the ridge are handy, helping you find the right spot to put slide into when you’re on the road. A reversing camera means you won’t have to look over your shoulder just to park—and miss that foot stand or hole in the ground. You can park without worries and keep the road in front of you as well as behind you well in sight. That’s not just driving and parking ease, that also makes for better safety and security on the road as well. Anything that improves road visibility is always a good thing.

Fuel economy

The Mercedes GLA 200 snags a 10/10 grade from the Telegraph and for good reason. It’s far more efficient than all the other models in the same range. You can easily save up on a lot of gas. If that appeals to you, then head over to a trusted dealership and start looking over your options.

Finding help

You’ll want to do business with reliable dealerships like the B.U. Bhandari Motors for safe transactions and impeccable service quality. If you have questions, reaching out to staff is easy. They can provide you with the information you need to help you throughout the buying process, making the experience easy and convenient for you.

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