3 Fun Ways to Sightsee

The next time you’re visiting a new city, try these three fun ways to sightsee. After you’ve unpacked and settled into your accommodation in Chania, you’ll appreciate the different perspective these sightseeing ideas will offer you.

Charter A Helicopter Tour

Helicopter tours can be surprisingly affordable. You don’t have to be a millionaire to be able to enjoy the special treatment and unencumbered views that helicopters give you. In as little as 10 or 15 minutes, your helicopter pilot can whisk you up and give you close up views of the most famous Crete landmarks. Nearly every city has some kind of helicopter tour program. Ask your hotel accommodation In Chania concierge to recommend one, or speak to a tour operator to make your reservation.

Take A Water Taxi Or Ferry

Many cities have water taxis or ferries that bring commuters to and from the nearest island or mainland. Since they’re designed to service commuters and no tour narration is involved, the fees are usually rock bottom.

Try A Jet Ski Tour

If you’re visiting someplace with a warm climate like Crete, a jet ski tour is a terrific way to see the beauties of the coastline from the water. Even if you’re not a fan of speed, you should consider a jet ski tour. Since they’re designed for all ages, your tour guide won’t go so fast that you won’t feel comfortable keeping up. If you’re fearful, though, you can hop on a double jet ski and let someone else do the driving. Jet ski tours sometimes stop in shallow sand bars, where you may spot rays, schools of fish and coral reefs.

Take at least a couple of days out of your vacation to try out these fun ways to be a tourist. The experience itself will be a source of fond memories for the rest of your life. For more information, contact us today.

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