2 Trending Color Schemes for Your Home’s Walls in Tennessee for 2020

Visiting your neighbor one day, you are in awe of the unique color combinations they have on their walls. Their kitchen walls are painted turquoise with gold accents and it just looks amazing. The living room continues the theme only adding a blue-colored hue. As you continue to be amazed by their newly painted walls, you begin to think about creating your own unique color scheme for your walls at home. Here are 2 trending color schemes for 2020.

Black and Gold

Nothing says modern and sleek than a black and gold color scheme. Picture your kitchen “dressed” in black walls with gold fixtures and accents. This 2020 trending color scheme will be the center of envy when your neighbor visits you.

Brown and White

Another 2020 trending color scheme for your home is a brown and white color scheme. If your living room space is limited, then this particular color scheme will brighten the room to make it feel more spacious. So, the next time you host a gathering, your guests will think you have completely renovated your living room.

Professional Painter

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