The Elements of Quality Sliding Glass Doors in Colorado Springs CO

When you decide to have sliding glass doors installed or replaced on your home, you need information about this kind of home improvement product before you choose what you want. Cascade Sliding Glass Doors in Colorado Springs, CO make a good solution in areas like quality, aesthetics, frame construction, colors, and configurations.

The following will cover the basic elements of choosing quality sliding glass door products.


Sliding glass doors fit into the traditional style of doors. They have been used on homes for many years to provide homeowners and apartment dwellers with a view of the outside world beyond what a solid door with a tiny window can offer. They are more affordable than French doors and yet still provide a sophisticated elegance to the outside world.

Energy Efficient

One of the biggest differences in the sliding glass doors of yore and today’s products is the fact that they are designed to be energy efficient. These newer glass doors can provide U-Values of between 0.28 to 0.49 which is ample to help keep your home from high energy consumption and high energy bills. The right frame style will only add to the energy efficiency of quality sliding glass doors.


Sliding Glass Doors come in four configurations: 1) Single panel, 2) Double panel, 3) Triple panel and 4) Quadruple panel. These configurations are made to fit whatever size opening you wish for your home whether you are opening them out to a pool area or a patio. These are all designed to have a door or two that slides while the others are stationary windows.

Frame Colors

Instead of choosing the standard beige, almond, clay, or white door frames for your glass doors, you have more color options in these modern times. You can choose bronze, green, red, black, brown, or a number of other colors to match or contrast your home’s interior. Color is one of the personal preferences that only you can choose.

If you take things factors into consideration when looking into Sliding Glass Doors in Colorado Springs, CO, you will be happy when you make your final decision. Regardless of your needs and desires in sliding glass doors, Clearview Distributors gives you many options, and quality products. They are a supplier of the high-quality Cascade Windows and Doors brand name.

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