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A Jail Bond in Dekalb County Will Get a Person Out of Jail Quickly

Many people are arrested in the middle of the night. They are then taken to the jail where they are booked. Depending upon the city or county courts, they may have to wait until the next morning to be arraigned. At that time they will hear the amount of Jail Bond in Dekalb County they are required to post. Everyone is considered innocent until they have been to trial. Therefore when a defendant calls Free at Last Bail, they are treated with respect and dignity. They and their close friends or family will have to put up collateral for their bond. The bond agents understand that this difficult for many people. They work compassionately to create payment plans to assist these families.

The judge imposes bail to ensure that the defendant will appear in court for all of the hearings and proceedings that are necessary to determine their guilt or innocence. If the defendant does not appear for any of these, the judge will issue a bench warrant. It is then the job of the bail bond agent to go and find the missing defendant. If a defendant sleeps through their hearing or their car breaks down, they have to contact the bail company immediately. The bail bond agent will take them to the local jail. If it was an innocent mistake, he may be able to prevent the defendant’s bail from being revoked. Most bail bond agents stay in very close touch to their clients. They will call them the day before the hearing to remind them of the court date. They will probably be in court to verify that they defendant did appear.

Applications for a Jail Bond in Dekalb County require a great deal of personal information. They can be filled out online to make the process easier. However, the accused person should realize that it’s a felony to leave out any information. In addition to their real name, they must include all aliases they have used and any street names they go by. This will help the bail bond agent find them if they do not appear for a court date. Visit Website for more details!

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