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Zinc Rack Plating: An Efficient Method for Large, Complex Parts

Do you need electroplating services for automotive metal parts? Choosing a metal finishing company that’s familiar with different plating methods – as well as the needs of industry professionals – is the best way to guarantee a job well done. Rack plating is typically employed for large plating operations and delivers dependable end-products that are smooth and free of surface damage. The right company will strive to meet each of your expectations, and provide you with finished products that exceed your quality standards.

Benefits of Zinc Plating
One of the most commonly chosen plating solutions is zinc alloys, which can be used in barrel plating, chromate conversion and rack plating. After a metal part has been cleaned, it’s submerged in a zinc and salt mixture and an electric current is sent through it. This process is known as electrolytic zinc plating, and carries a broad range of benefits because it strengthens and protects the original piece. One of the most notable advantages is corrosion resistance, which is always an important base to cover when dealing with metal components.

What is Rack Plating?
There are different procedures used by professionals to plate an automotive parts – rack plating being one of them. Plating with a rack is an excellent solution when reasonably sized, complicated, and/or delicate pieces need to be plated efficiently. While the process involves a considerable amount of labor on the part of specialists, the results are usually satisfying for customers. Essentially, different types of parts are hung on racks with metal hooks and submerged in a plating material, such as zinc alkaline, zinc nickel or zinc iron.

Why Choose it?
Plating pieces using a rack is a good way to avoid damaging fragile pieces, as there’s virtually no risk of dents, scratches, and other types of damage. Parts are simply dipped into a plating solution and pulled out when they’re sufficiently coated. While parts that are plated using racks often have “rack marks”, or slight discolorations where metal hooks held the pieces in place, this method isn’t usually when perfect, uniform plating is needed. When you choose a professional electroplating company, they can offer suggestions on the ideal plating method for your application.

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