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Why People Need DUI Attorneys

A lot of people who are charged with driving while intoxicated convince themselves it is no big deal. Just because it is a common offense that a lot of people get charged with, it does not make it any less serious of a crime. Having a DUI can shatter your reputation and the rest of your life. Hiring a DUI Attorney Anacortes is the only thing that is going to stand between you and ruining the rest of your life because you made the mistake of drinking and getting behind the wheel.

Controlling Insurance Rates


One of the biggest reasons you need the assistance of a DUI attorney is to make sure you save some money on insurance premiums in your future. The premiums on your insurance are subject to change based on your driving record, your gender, your age, your vehicle, and if you’ve been charged with a crime while driving. Once you’ve officially be charged with a DUI, your premium is going to be a lot higher than what you are used to paying and can probably even afford. Furthermore, your insurance provider may even cancel your policy because they now consider you a huge risk.

Your Future Careers

Most employers do a background check on everyone before they decide who to hire. This is just to make sure they are hiring someone who they can trust and depend on. During a background check your employer is going to look at your criminal record, your credit score, as well as speaking with any references you have listed. If they see a DUI on your record, they may not feel comfortable hiring you. A DUI attorney is the only person who is going to know how to help you keep this nightmare off of your record.

If you made the mistake of getting behind the wheel while you were under the influence of alcohol or some sort of drug, it should not be a question of whether you want legal help. You need legal help if you do not want one mistake to ruin the rest of your life.

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