When Should You Hire Sexual Harassment Attorneys Worcester MA?

Sexual Harassment Attorneys Worcester MA provide anyone who is a victim of sexual harassment, whether it occurs in the workplace or social settings. If you are being coerced by an employer or co-worker in a sexual manner, you should secure counsel. An attorney that practices within this field will gather evidence and represent you in a court of law.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is defined as sexual discrimination in which an individual is demanding sexual favors in the workplace. This form of harassment may apply to an employer who solicits sexual acts from an employee for a promotion and pay increase. Victims of sexual harassment may succumb to threats or coercion. If this has happened to you, an attorney can present your case to a judge and seek legal action against the employer or co-worker.

It encompasses a vast amount of actions. For instance, sexually-based jokes that are stated around members of the opposite sex that are offensive may be classified as a form of sexual harassment. Discussions of a co-worker’s body, sexual advances, and sexually-based physical contact are all examples of sexual harassment.

Legal Action

In these cases, a lawsuit is typically filed against the instigator of sexual harassment. However, if the harassment has advanced from verbal harassment to physical contact, the charge may be increased to sexual assault. Anyone charged of sexual assault are subject to felony charges and may receive a prison sentence in addition to fines. A sexual harassment suit requires that the victim present their own testimony along with evidence gathered by their attorney to the court. This testimony and evidence allow a sexual harassment attorney to build a sufficient case against your attacker.

Michael O. Shea

The Law Offices of Michael O. Shea consist of Sexual Harassment Attorneys Worcester MA who provide legal counsel in these cases. The attorneys will discuss your options based on the severity of the sexual harassment you have experienced. They will provide counsel and advice to determine which courses of action are effective and will help win your case. If you would like to discuss your sexual harassment case with this law firm, you may contact them at their local office.

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