What You Need to Know About Acupuncture in Tigard, OR

Some people wonder if it is safe to use acupuncture methods that involve the use of needles in naturopathic medicine. After this type of treatment, you may experience minor bruising or bleeding at the needle sites. However, the benefits that you receive from this type of medicine are far greater and worth a little discomfort.

Schedule a Consultation

In order to learn more about acupuncture in Tigard, OR, you need to schedule a consultation with a naturopathic practitioner who can answer all your questions and concerns. Indeed, this type of alternative therapy is unique as it can successfully treat patients who are experiencing back pain, neck pain, or other musculoskeletal health issue. The treatment also extends to such conditions as anxiety, depression, insomnia, infertility, and migraine.

Specific Conditions

Currently, naturopathic specialists use acupuncture to treat the following specific conditions:

  *    Muscle spasms and discomfort

  *    Chronic back pain

  *    Migraines (to reduce the recurrence and intensity)

  *    Neck pain

  *    Osteoarthritis

  *    Knee pain

  *    Digestive difficulties

  *    Allergies

No Need for Pain Medications

One of the primary boosts that a patient receives when undergoing acupuncture is the lack of a need for pain medication. As some medications exhibit disagreeable side effects, patients feel better about undergoing this type of therapy.

Faster Recovery Times for Cancer Treatments

This type of therapy also speeds up recovery times for cancer treatments and elevates immunity. According to research data, treatment is shown to enhance platelet count, improve immunity, and prevent a reduction in healthy cells after chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Who to Contact About the Therapy

While this type of treatment is ancient, it is also proven to work. You can discuss this type of medicine by contacting such places as Spire Holistic Health for further information. Talk to a naturopathic practitioner about your own health issues so that you know more about what to expect from this type of alternative therapy.

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