What to Expect when You Hire a DUI Defense Lawyer

Nobody ever thinks about getting arrested for driving while drunk. You would think that you are not too drunk to drive until a police officer stops and tests you. This makes most motorists afraid and emotional especially when their rights are read. This means that they must start looking for a DUI defense Lawyer Charleston to represent them in court. The first thing that you should do when you meet with a DUI lawyer is to explain the circumstances of your case. This will give you an opportunity to assess the lawyer’s approach and attitude concerning your case. This assists in knowing whether you can work together or you need to hire another one. The first consultation meeting is usually free of charge. You should ensure that you take your time before making a decision to hire the lawyer.

Some people especially first time DUI offenders never know what to expect from a DUI defense lawyer. The first expectation that someone arrested of a DUI charge should do is to hire a lawyer who is interested in his case. This reduces the emotional strain on the defendant so that he or she can rely on the knowledge and expert advice of the lawyer. DUI defense lawyer Charleston always works hard to ensure that his client does not face litigation. The purpose of his defense is getting an acquittal or a light sentence. He or she will involve the client in the decision making process no matter how difficult the resolution. Other expectations that you should have on your lawyer include:

  • Knowing your rights: You never know what you are entitled to until someone shows it to you. DUI defense lawyer always reminds the client that he or she is innocent until proven guilty. The attorney will ensure that his client is treated as a human being and whether the arrest and the entire court procedure was conducted according to the requirements of the law. He will also inform his client about all the rights and freedoms that he is entitled to including the DUI laws in Charleston. The lawyer will also seek to protect the rights of his client in court.
  • Fight for a dismissal: A DUI defense lawyer must be keen when finding out the details that led to your arrest. Most lawyers fight for a dismissal because some arresting officers make mistakes when charging a driver with a DUI. Their thorough and investigative approach allows them to notice any mistakes that were not visible in the client’s eyes.
  • Other Arrangements: A DUI defense lawyer can also assist his client in arranging for his motor vehicle hearing. Some go to the extent of filling forms for the vehicle department, phone calls and arranging meetings with the client’s family.

The first thing that a  does is to look at the case of the client in order to offer the best legal defense especially if it reaches the courtroom. Visit our website to know more information

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