What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down

You just realized it is 85 degrees in your house. The dreaded day is here; your air conditioner is broken and it is hot outside! You have some important decisions in front of you that need to be made fast. Depending on your outside temperature, you may even have an all out emergency on your hands, and you need to think fast. Hopefully, you have put the number for air conditioning servicing in Forest Park where you keep other emergency numbers. That alone can lessen one of your first tough decisions, which is deciding who you will call for help.

Even though many things will be going through your mind, begin with giving your attention to anybody in the house. If there is anyone in distress, like an elderly person, anybody who is sick, or an infant, seek medical help. Your first priority will be to get loved ones to safety. If you believe you have caught the breakdown early, and everybody is alert and well, turn on any fans you have, make sure everybody is keeping hydrated, and call to set up servicing. Especially when it is particularly hot, air conditioners get overworked and breakdown. Delaying the call can mean your wait time gets longer.

Now you must decide whether you are going to wait it out or go to another location. You likely have more than one friend or family member who would be more than happy to give you shelter while you wait for air conditioning servicing in Forest Park. If you feel that you cannot stay in your house, and you do not know anybody you feel comfortable asking about taking you in temporarily, you could go to a hotel. Sometimes hotel personnel have the ability to adjust rates, so let your situation be known if you are worried about money. Compassionate people are found everywhere, and you may get a nice break under your circumstances.

If you feel that you should leave, your pets should probably not stay there either, depending on what kind you have. If staying would endanger you, or even make you terribly uncomfortable, it could be that the same applies to your pet. If you have an unusual pet, and you do not know if they can withstand the heat, get advice from your pet store, or online, just to be safe.

Your wait for air conditioning servicing in Forest Park, especially during excessive heat, will be made as short as possible by the professionals that care about you. During your wait, be smart! Don’t underestimate the dangers of overheating. Do wait at another location if you have the slightest doubt as to whether or not you should stay. You have a lot on your mind, but don’t forget to take care of yourself too!

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