What Every Driver Needs to Know About Tires and Tire Dealers Brighton, NY

If you own a car in Brighton, NY the day will come when you need to talk to Tire Dealers Brighton, NY about getting new tires for your car. You shouldn’t wait until you get stranded by a flat tire before you start thinking about getting a new tire. The exact number of times you’ll need to replace the tires depends on several different factors including:

* The conditions of the roads you routinely travel on

* How diligent you are about keeping your tires properly inflated

* Your driving style

* The size of your tires

You shouldn’t just go to Tire Dealers Brighton, NY and let them put tires on your car without discussing the situation. As a car owner, you owe it yourself to have some basic knowledge about tires. The knowledge will help you choose the set of new tires that will best suit your driving style and budget.

Tire Dealers Brighton NY

Tire Dealers Brighton NY

The bigger your tires are, the more you’re going to have to pay. When it comes to the size of your tires, you do have some options that could make them a bit more affordable. Unless you plan on using your car for racing your friends, you should stay away from the wide sports tires. Car dealers will often put these pricier tires on the sporty cars they’re selling in the hopes that the cars will be more appealing to young men. By sticking to regular tires you could save yourself hundreds of dollars.

If you drive a smaller, light weight truck, you need to make sure that the Tire Dealers Brighton, NY you take the truck to, doesn’t sell you heavier duty tires which are better suitable for large pick-ups that haul heavy loads, and which get driven over rougher road conditions. Before paying for the tires, you want to read the information printed on the side of the tire includes the letters LT, which stands for light truck.

The tires you get from the Tire Dealers Brighton, NY should have the letter R on the side. This means indicates that the tire is a radial tire and has been made by combining lots of layers of rubber, steel, and polyester. The radial tires are a great deal stronger than other types, you’ll be able to get several thousand miles more use from the radial tires than any other kind of tire.

The final thing you need to ask the Tire Dealers Brighton, NY about will be the tire grade. Every single tire has been assigned with a DOT grade by the Department of Transportation. The total DOT grade is determined by three subgrades which include:

* Treadware

* Temperature

* Traction

By spending a little more and getting a better grade of tire, you should be able to go for a longer period of time before you need to replace them, and you’ll notice your car handles better.

Tire Dealers Brighton, NY – The certified technicians at Action Towing & Service will never send a customer home with tires that they don’t consider safe and top quality. They provide service you can count on.

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