UTV or ATV – Which is Right for You?

People know exactly what ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) are. They are also known as “quads” and are four-wheeled vehicles with big knobby tires that they see people whizzing around on in the woods or on dirt roads or even at the X-games. Less commonly known is a class of vehicle known as the UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle). A quad is like a sports car while a utility vehicle is like a pickup truck. They may look somewhat similar, but they serve vastly different purposes to the people who buy them. The main difference between the two is that utility vehicles offer seating for multiple people and almost always have a cargo bed built into them.

Here are some criteria to judge if a utility vehicle is a better choice than an all-terrain vehicle for your needs.


Utility vehicles are also known as side-by-sides because passengers sit in them like you do in a car in a tandem arrangement. An ATV will have room for usually only one rider sitting on top of a seat whereas the utility vehicle lets its riders sit in seats that can carry anywhere from two to six people in this arrangement. The seats are much more car-like and offer a good deal of leg room. They sit higher off the ground and are bigger vehicles with more advanced suspensions.


Utility vehicles offer full roll cages for driver and passenger safety. Seat belts are also incorporated into their design. Power steering, separate pedals for acceleration and braking and optional enclosed caps that allow mounting a heating system are just a few more features that make them much more car-like (and safer) than their ATV quad cousins.


It’s not part of the name for nothing, and this is the biggest advantage utility vehicles have over quad ATVs: They are great vehicles for work as well as play. With their rear dumping cargo beds and much greater towing capacity, utility vehicles can be used as real workhorses on farms or with construction companies, etc. Also, newer models have up to six wheels and articulate in the middle so they can get around obstacles and into tight places that larger work vehicles like pickup trucks or tractors don’t have a prayer of.

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