Try One of the Most Unique Date Night Ideas in Baton Rouge, LA

You only get to spend time with your significant other so often due to work responsibilities and life getting in the way. When you have time for a date night you want to make it special. If you’re tired of the usual routine, it might be good to mix it up this time. Try one of the most unique date night ideas in Baton Rouge, LA.

Enjoying a Different Type of Date Night

Enjoying a different type of date night will allow you to have a lot of fun. There’s a great business in the area that lets you go on a candle-making date while drinking fantastic wine. You’ll take a candle-making class with your partner while having a good time and enjoying drinks. It’s a laid-back option that many consider to be one of the best date night ideas in Baton Rouge, LA.

If you’d like to spend time with your group of friends, it’s easy to turn this into a group date night. Invite other couples to come with you and make it a group party. These date night ideas in Baton Rouge, LA, help you to do something different for your next date night out together. If you think your special someone would enjoy learning how to make candles, it’ll be well worth looking into this further.

Contact the Business that Offers This Date Night Option

Contact The Bougie Bar to sign up for one of the classes. You can work out the details and start looking forward to your date night. It’s a lot of fun to learn about the candle-making process, and you’ll love drinking wine while relaxing with your partner. This might become a favorite new date night activity that you’ll want to participate in many times.

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