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Tips on cleaning an area rug

A clean, bright area rug is a wonderful accessory in many homes; it has a tendency to make the home inviting and cozy. The trouble with area rugs is the fact that they are subjected to a tremendous amount of traffic and as they are often the first piece of carpet to be stepped on as you enter the home they end up trapping a lot of dirt, mud and grime. Proper area rug cleaning in Minneapolis can extend the life of the rug by preventing undue wear and tear.

Because they are area rugs many homeowners think they are easy to clean using commercially available detergents and carpet shampoo. This poses a problem because these chemical are designed for carpets, not natural fiber rugs. Area rugs have rich dyes that give them their character, it is the dyes that can bleed; the result is damage that may prove to be irreversible.

The chemicals that are used to clean carpets are often mistakenly used by the homeowner when cleaning an area rug. This is a big mistake; carpet cleaning is very different than rug cleaning. Certainly area rugs need to be cleaned, often far more than the carpets in the home but, they must be cleaned properly otherwise the chances of damage are great. It doesn’t take much to damage an expensive area rug to the point where it is ruined, you lose the rug and the investment you have in it. Area rug cleaning in Minneapolis is definitely a jib for professionals, they know the proper cleaning procedures to use and they take the time to ensure that the job is done properly.

When the professional rug cleaner arrives in your home you can expect him to analyze the rug itself, the material it is made from, the type of dye that was used, the age of the rug and its place of origin. All these factors come into play when deciding the best approach to take when cleaning it.

Once the information has been gathered and you have been made aware of what will be done to your rug the rug will be rolled and taken to a facility which is dedicated to rug cleaning. After more thorough analysis the rug will be dusted using gentle air pressure and then it is hand washed and rinsed to avoid any problems with color bleed. Depending on the rug it may be hung to dry using gravity to eliminate the water or it may be dried flat or even hung out to dry with the breeze. Once the rug is perfectly dry it is combed and brushed until the pile stands tall and the natural beauty of your area rug is brought out.

Area rug cleaning in Minneapolis is somewhat different than carpet cleaning and the professionals at Steamatic Twin Cities know this. The professionals at Steamatic of the Twin Cities determine if they can clean your area rug in your home or whether they have to take it to the dedicated facility.

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Author: Liane Metz

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