Tips for Maintiaing the Quality of Non Cuban Cigars

Just because you decided to buy non Cuban cigars it doesn’t mean you want your newly acquired cigars to go bad before you have a chance to enjoy them. You also shouldn’t feel you need to buy non Cuban cigars and than smoke them right away just so you can enjoy the best possible flavor. You have paid good money, you should be able to enjoy this rare treat when you want to and not one minute sooner.

The best way to make sure you don’t feel pressured to buy non Cuban cigars and smoke them up right away will be by taking the time to learn how to properly care for your newest acquisition. Cigars, especially good ones, should last for a good long while. When cared for, they should continue to be good several months, or even a year after arriving at your house.

The best way to make sure you’re cigars don’t ever decrease in quality will be with the purchase, and use, or a humidifier . This will be the best weapon for maintaining the freshness of your purchase. The humidifier  keeps the air around your cigars moist enough to prevent the tobacco from drying out, but also prevents your purchase from getting so damp, the tobacco leaves become to wet to burn properly, or worse, attract molds and fungus.

The mistake most people make after they buy non Cuban cigars is that, while the cigars do get put in a good quality humidifier, no one remembers to ever check on the humidifiers water levels. The devices can’t work properly when it doesn’t have any water. Make a notation on your calender to check the humidifier every four days. If each time you check, it has run dry, you need to check it more frequently. In addition to making sure you keep the humidifier’s water level where it should be, you also need to open up the lid for a few minutes, making it possible for the air to circulate, which helps preserve the life of your cigars. Rotating the cigars from one rack to another will also extend their life and preserve their freshness. Each time you handle the cigars, you need to pay attention to how they feel. When perfectly preserved, the cigar will feel firm. It shouldn’t feel stick hard, nor should it have any soggy or soft spots. Too hard indicates means the humidifier isn’t doing its job properly and most likely needs to be replaced. Sogginess indicates to much moisture and the humidifier will need to be turned down.

Yes, taking care of the cigars will require some time and effort, but when you finally have an opporutnity to sit back and smoke one, you will know it’s all been worthwhile. makes it easy to buy non Cuban cigars or any other type of top quality tobacco product you crave. Visit us online for more details

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