Tips for Heating System Installation in Virginia Beach, VA

While a heating system is designed to offer years of worry-free operation, it is only a device that will eventually need replacement. Installing a new furnace can be a costly proposition, but the tips below can help a homeowner make the right choice.

Treat the Furnace as an Investment

Most buyers base their decisions on price, but this will not get them too far. Buyers should look for systems that will keep the home comfortable and warm for years, but they should consider other factors such as energy efficiency as well. Although new equipment and installation require an initial investment, it offers durability and enough efficiency to provide some protection against rising fuel prices.

Consider Features

Now that it’s understood that heating system installation in Virginia Beach VA is an investment, it makes sense to spend a bit more to buy a system with staying power. When a customer is evaluating options, they should look for the features below.

  • Variable operation, which allows the system to adapt to changes while offering better reliability and comfort
  • Safety. For instance, a geothermal system is a better option than a gas furnace, as no fuel combustion is required.
  • Humidity control. A new heating system should be able to add moisture to the air in winter, and it should remove humidity during the summer.
  • A variable-speed blower is a good choice for those who want to eliminate cold and hot spots in the home.

Choose the Right AC Company

A reliable local HVAC company can ensure the performance of a Heating System Installation in Virginia Beach VA. Check the contractor’s experience with particular makes and models to ensure they have the experience necessary to install and maintain the chosen equipment.

Energy Ratings

As today’s heating systems become more energy-efficient, there’s no reason to buy an inefficient model. Check each unit’s Energy Star rating and choose the most efficient model possible.

Learn About Tax Credits

Some modern heating systems may qualify the buyer for a federal tax credit. If a homeowner chooses a geothermal heating system, they may get a credit of up to 30% of the system’s value. Check out to learn about Virginia’s tax incentives.

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