Tips for Choosing the Right Self Storage Facility in Boise ID

Self-storage is a perfect solution for individuals and families looking to declutter their homes without having to get rid of useful items or priceless family heirlooms. Not all storage facilities are created equal, though, so it’s important for those who have never rented a unit before to do a little research before choosing which one to trust with their items. Read on to find a few tips for finding a good Self Storage Facility in Boise ID to get the search started off on the right foot.

Do Research in Advance
Don’t just choose the facility that is closest to home and immediately rent a unit. First, think about things like how many items will be stored in the unit and whether the items will require climate control, how often they will be accessed, and what facilities offer the right spaces to accommodate them. Check out at least a few companies in advance by visiting their websites, reading reviews on third-party review sites, or calling to get answers to relevant questions before signing a rental agreement.

Visit the Facility First
All of the background research in the world isn’t going to replace an actual physical tour of the facility. Look for positive signs such as adequate security, friendly staff, and clean offices and grounds. If there are any apparent red flags like dirt, signs of rodents or insects, poor lighting, or inadequate security, take that search elsewhere.

Seriously Consider Value
Finding the best value for the price doesn’t always mean finding the lowest price. In fact, renters tend to get what they pay for. Those who want extra features such as on-site managers or security guards, climate control, or 24/7 video surveillance should take those amenities into account when considering pricing to make sure they are comparing apples to apples.

Start Making Plans Early
Don’t start looking into finding a Self Storage Facility in Boise ID the day before renting a truck to bring the belongings over. Instead, start shopping around early and be sure to check out Republic Storage. Visit The website to find out why so many of their renters suggest them to friends, family, and strangers alike.

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