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The Importance of Proper Pet Grooming Olathe KS

The act of brushing your dog frequently will remove dirt and help to distribute the oils in the skin that help to create a shiny coat. When you seek proper pet grooming Olathe, KS you will also be able to monitor the condition of your pet’s skin in order to take notice of the tick or flea infestations or skin irritation that may be present. If you have a pet with a thick or long coat then having a daily grooming session will likely be necessary. However, a dog that has less hair will be able to be groomed on a weekly basis. Keep in mind, the more often that your pet is groomed, the easier and quicker that it will be for you and your pet.

It is important to understand that proper dog grooming is much more than simply using a brush in the pet’s coat. It is also important to care for your pet’s nails, teeth and ears, which will help to prevent significant health issues later on.

When you seed pet grooming in Olathe, KS, being aware of what a good grooming session will include is essential. The first step in a proper grooming session will include a once over on your pet with a brush. If you dog has a shorter coat than it may be necessary to use a comb with rubber tongs, while a dog that has a thicker coat will require a slicker brush. The next step in the grooming process is to repeat the actual brushing with a tool for finishing the job. This can be a simple cloth or a brush with natural bristles. The ultimate goal is to help and remove the dirt or hair that is loose.

Another important step, which should not be overlooked is to check out the dog’s ears. If there is any buildup then they should be cleaned with a product that is prescribed by your veterinarian. You should never stick your finger or any type of swab into the ears of your pet, as they could cause significant damage to your pet.

When your pet is properly cared for they can achieve ultimate health and well-being. Falcon Valley Animal Hospital can help you ensure the health and happiness of your pets.

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