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The Importance of New Hire Background Checks in Coos Bay OR

If you own a company that has a large amount of turn around and has to maintain a large staffing pool, one of your biggest challenges is finding qualified applicants that you can trust. While there are a number of things you can do to help you screen potential new hires, few methods compare to the information you can get when you run Background Checks Coos Bay OR. You can learn about any criminal activity they may have been involved in that could make them a risk in your company. There are a quite a few benefits to running background checks on your new hires, and the following represent the top three.

Lower Employment Insurance Premiums

You are required by law to have certain insurance policy’s in place to help pay for expenses associated with on the job injuries. Many insurance companies believe that individuals who have an adverse background are more at risk for bedimming hurt while on the job. If you choose to screen your employees with a background check it may cause your premiums to be reduced and save your company a great deal of money.

Better Qualified Applicants

When you do Background Checks Coos Bay OR, you are making it easier to find qualified applicants that are committed to the work they perform. Make sure you know who you are hiring by subjecting everyone you employ to an extensive background investigation. It can drastically improve the quality of your workforce and your average retention rate.

Keep Your Company Safe and Sound

It is important to keep your company safe from threats, and by conducting background checks, you can rest assured that you are not bringing individuals on board who will threaten sensitive company information and compromise the good name of your company. Make sure you keep your investment safe by submitting all of your new hires to an in depth background investigation procedure.

The time to screen your employees is now. If you need help coordinating new hire background checks, contact the professionals at Atlas Edge Staffing Services. They will make sure your new hires don’t have a criminal history so you can trust them. Contact them today to see how affordable giving yourself peace of mind can be. Visit us for more information.

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