The Case of the Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds in Dallas would make a fantastic plot device for a good old fashioned mystery story. Hearkening back to the days when men and woman listened to the radio, the detective would chase the murder who had bludgeoned the jeweler, while snatching his diamonds or would the thief hop a plane out of Dallas, loose somewhere across the border. Loose diamonds make an excellent motive for the murder, while Dallas is a good location for a new story.

Loose diamonds actually figure heavily in detective stories and are not a new device, but a practical one. First, gemstones have always been a part of the detective tradition. For instance, we have the Case of the Blue Carbuncle with Sherlock Holmes, or The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. Diamonds are a popular gemstone to use in particular because they easily capture the imagination and everyone is familiar with them. Not everyone knows what a carbuncle is. Sometimes, it is not the diamonds in particular, but something famous made of diamonds, such as the Crown Jewels. Most of the time in the old detective stories, the diamonds are loose in the end. Loose diamonds have many criminal advantages. First, it takes a real jewel trader to recognize what they used to be. Secondly, they are easier to hide and transport. In one radio story, the thief hid the diamonds among the cheap rhinestones on a dress at the dry cleaners. Lastly, loose diamonds can be separated and sold seperately, making our detective’s job significantly harder.

Playing it safe with the loose diamonds, an updated location is called for. Dallas is a location not often used in the old time radio detective shows. It was not as major of a city in the forty and fifty’s as it is now. So, to reflect modern times, it should take place in Dallas. Additionally, in Dallas there are numerous jewel dealers. This would give the thief plenty of options to sell the diamonds, while the detective tracks him down. Even better, the detective could be a jeweler who specializes in finding loose diamond thieves, due to his uncanny ability to recognize the gems.

Detective stories used to be extremely popular and have made somewhat of a comeback now. Unfortunately the days of the radio are gone. Now, some enthusiasts make imitation podcasts. A jeweler tracking down loose diamonds in Dallas would make a fascinating plot, in keeping with the best of traditions, but reflecting the modernity of the media.

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